Monday, August 31, 2015

Today, August 31st

My father died while eating
peanut buttered toast and sliced bananas

Before he finished his last bite
his head fell back as if to inspect
a cobweb on the ceiling

This is how my mother found him
when she returned to the breakfast table
carrying her toothbrush smeared with mint paste

“I felt for a pulse at his neck, but
there was no beat,”
she explained for the eighth time

Neighbors flood the phone lines
and stuff the refrigerator full
of wild rice hot dish, tuna salad, and slaw

Instead of his arms hanging limply
at his side, Mom described how they were spread out
palms up, his devotional still open on the table

Like a skydiver prepared to take flight


gram-barb said...

Ascendance.....a lifting, after all the wonders lived out..the body is light and the soul is lighter, lifting as final response....I loved my dad in the same way you love heart aches for your loss today....

Susan Howl said...

Such a beautiful response to Susan ' s poem of love and loss

Unknown said...

Feeling your pain, Susan. My heart goes out to you. <3

Unknown said...

All my love, Susan. Your dad was a wonderful man.

Jan Hersh said...

Dear Susan,
Losing a parent is a great loss. Sending you my hugs of comfort and shared sorrow for this loss. Your poem lifted me. May your muse continue to help you and inspire you for the impending period of grief. May your family support each other in sharing the memories of your father.