Friday, September 12, 2014


Bless me Father, for I have sinned
Five years since my last confession
Envy, anger, my transgressions
Of my faults, with haste rescind
But there’s a fault, unfairly pinned
It was not due to indiscretion
Bless me Father, for I have sinned
Five years since my last confession
On Baltic Sea, of clothes, I skinned
In frigid waters, I was freshened
There’s joy indeed, free of possession,
Not a stitch I wore nor was chagrined
Bless me Father, for I have sinned
Five years since my last confession

Friday, September 5, 2014

Little Story about Susie and Dar

The girls were bored and at a loss
To find a treat that did not cost
An arm, a leg, no more a dime
They chose confectionary dross

They pulled two nickels from the grime
And gave them to the clerk part-time
He took the coins, he let them drop
Into the drawer, like bells they chimed

The girls ran from the candy shop
Their hearts aglee with what they'd got
Susie reached in, to her surprise
A fist of icky greenish glop

Back to the store with angry eyes
The girls cried foul, they did despise
Their hopes of candy were not met
The clerk endured their cruel chastise

When Susie said, "You are in debt!"
The clerk's raised brows began to sweat
"Please, Miss, you see, I didn't mean,
to cause you all of this upset."

Miss Sue, she counted to fifteen
Then calmly said, "What do you mean?"
The clerk, named Dar, a smile spread
On lips up to his eyes of green

I found your face, your golden head
Your lilting voice and what you said
It charmed me so, I wanted more
I tried to speak, my voice, it fled

The trick I used, I do deplore
I never meant to make you sore
If you'll forgive, let’s make a plan
To quell our silly little war

Miss Sue, she liked this scheming man
She asked her friend, "Oh, please, Dianne,
If you would hasten to my house
And straighten up the white divan

Dianne, all-knowing, did not grouse
She promptly scampered like a mouse
She cleaned the couch, and baked some bread
She hoped the two, they would espouse

Which they did, in weeks, were wed
Their love it tied a tidy thread
But when Dar makes a sweetened sauce
Sue fears something else instead!


This Rubaiyat, a Persian-form of poetry, first appeared in, April 2013