Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthly Beliefs

There's a few things about me that are beautiful,
but you don't know them. First, I live on this Earth
as a human being, but before I lived here, my friends,
I was an angel. Maybe I ended up here because of lust.
Lusting to eat Braeburns or to hold small, furry animals.
I'm not sure, but lust is powerful. Look it up at the library.

The name of the street where I live is Library
Lane. Down the block, on mornings replete with beautiful
sunshine, I walk to that reverential place, spying animals
along the way. Believe me. Look it up on Google Earth
if you are too incredulous. Some people actually lust
after the name of my street, but not my friends.

Second, I find that I am lonely for friends.
Again, that might be hard to believe and no library
book will confirm it, but I am lonely. I lust
for deeper friendships with souls that are beautiful.
When looking for friends, this small world becomes a giant earth,
which no ship can traverse. And friendless, we act like animals.

The irony is, I am the cruelest of all animals.
So if you can, please send me a legion of friends.
Third, although I am a Christian, I love this Earth;
its splendid woven sky and manufactured libraries
and synogogues, all of it is exquisite. All is beautiful.
Yes, I know. Love not the world for the world is lust,

but if so, then I dive into the glories of earthen lust
as the pious dive into earthen vessels. God made animals
the same as me. Why spurn the handwork, the beauty
that is the Lord's? Instead we ought celebrate, friends,
how perfect Life is. Pour out of your churches, your libraries,
your Starbucks and sing praises of our planet Earth.

Fourth, I believe there is no other Earth
like this one, but that there is drudgery and lust
and salvation in abundant measure. In the Library
of the Universe, I believe we can verify even animals'
souls. Don't be fooled by others, not even your friends
who decry notions like mine. Know that you are beautiful.

It is written in God's library that this very Earth
contains redeemable life, both beautiful and lustful,
both animal and human. Read it in the Book, dear friends.


Michelle said...

I lust for deeper friendships with souls that are beautiful.

I like this poem a lot, Susan.

susanbudig said...

Thanks, but which Michelle are you? :-)

Michelle said...

The friend who looks up lots of things at the library. ☀

TReimler said...

Beautiful poem. Captivating thoughts. Terrible theology. We could have a long discussion over this one at Harvest Moon someday...

Just an AMERICAN said...

Dear Susan,
I am lonely too. I am one of those who 'lust for the name of your street'. Not just for myself, but for the cats and dogs living in so-called shelters. And for the lions, tigers, bears, dolphins, killer whales, etc.. trapped in humanity, who are sooo lonely - and misunderstood.

We ALL desire LIBERTY. That is the freedom to DO that which we were intended to do by our creator - GOD!