Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Penny Caught

This penny wedged between the window sill and pane
Has been painted over twice.
I can tell because the paint's chipped and I see
Two layers: pink then minty green.
No one has opened the window
Since this room was converted
From a ritzy powder room in the 20s
And a lounging room with fainting divan
In the 40s.
Now it is a closet
Where I hang

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Alberto Rios Arias said...

Hey Susan, this is my kind of poetry. I love this one!

The only poem I know from Robert Frost is "The Sound of the Trees" because it's the title for a book I also like.

My favorite poet has to be Emily Dickinson though. I feature some of her poetry throughout my novel.

This poem "Penny Caught", is Dickinson-esque and I really enjoyed it.