Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tsarnaev's Blood

I wonder
Who would Jesus kill
If he were the judge today?
It seems Tsarnaev’s life
While worthy enough for
Jesus' sacrifice
Isn’t worthy enough for
Us to preserve

The more I think on it--
Picturing my savior with
Nails pierced through
His hands and his ankles
Allowing his death willingly
For people named Tsarnaev

The more confused I feel
Because by using the death-
Penalty, aren’t we in effect
Saying, Jesus’ death was insufficient

We want not only our Lord’s blood
on our hands, but also the blood

Of Tsarnaev’s? 


John Beck said...

Very meaningful. For my taste, I prefer the flow as prose rather than as poetry, but that's jus my quirk.

Paul Martig said...

This is something that causes conflict in my mind. I understand justice. I understand revenge. I also understand that at that age I would have followed my older brother just about anywhere and done just about anything he suggested. Thank you for sharing this.

Ruth Cox said...

While reading your thought-provoking free form piece I could not help thinking it a writing of poetic justice, while being mindful of the teachings of Jesus.